Reclaiming Public Spaces

“The continuing public glorification of iniquitous colonial administrators, pirates and en-slavers reflects an unacceptably casual treatment of colonial violence and tragically, silences the history of Millions including the first people and all the subsequent groups brought here to further imperialist economic interests. The Freedom Project does not want to remove these characters from history but from, the colonial mythology that facilitates their continued adoration. It also wants to rescue the many heroes and heroines who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today from near complete obscurity.”

This is an idea whose time has come. All over the world, hand in hand, across racial, class and gender lines a new generation is waking up to the understanding that the way we symbolically represent our past both reflects and reinforces what we value and how we live in the present.

This generation is reclaiming public spaces from history’s darkest epochs to honor humanities highest values with their eyes clearly fixed on the future and the freedom project will ensure that the Caribbean is not left behind.”

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No Slave Owner Is A Hero… Take Them All Down

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