Columbus Must Fall

About the Campaign

With this campaign the Cross Rhodes Freedom Project is asking you to join us in correcting a lie, not just any lie, but the founding lie of the Caribbean.

Statue honouring murderer, enslaver, thief, human trafficker, rapist and initiator of the genocide of native Caribbean and native American people as a whole in the middle of Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago in 2017: is it not time we reclaim this public space from one of the darkest epochs in human history?
“The holocaust which Columbus set in motion was so devastating that it must be seen as an unprecedented aberration in human history….he did not just tear a page out of history but out of the book of the universe… One cannot continue to redeem him by describing him as a man of his time. For, was there ever a time anywhere on earth, where the repayment of infinite kindness and hospitality with slavery, theft and genocide was acceptable even in the most primitive of human societies?”
Jan CarewCaribbean Writer and Schollar

Voices of the First People

Cristina Coc, is a Q’eqchi Maya leader and community organizer from Belize we caught up with her at the IGDS conference: Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms: Common Struggles against Capitalism right here in Iere/Trinidad and Tobago

We should take Columbus down: beyond the crimes he committed he is responsible for initiating the process which lead to the current state of mental slavery in which indigenous people find themselves today.
Annelitta GarciaMopan Mayan Woman from Belize - University of the West Indies
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Columbus destroyed our way of life. His statue should be removed, it should be stoned.
Mary ValenzuelaRepresentative - The First Peoples of Guyana
For too long now Columbus has usurped the place of our heroes and heroines in our public spaces as well as our collective imagination. It is time for our children to learn about Anacaona, Guaicaipuro and Hiarima instead of helpless Arawaks and Canibalistic Caribs, it is time for them to know something about the 300 years of indigenous resistance to European Conquest.
Yorley Alejandra Mendez Volunteer - Cross Rhodes Freedom Project

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