For us at the CRFP the continuing public glorification of iniquitous colonial administrators, war criminal(s) and enslavers reflects, an unacceptably casual treatment of colonial violence. Tragically it also distorts and silences the history of millions, (including)the first peoples and all (other groups brought here to further imperialist economic interests.)

In this context the CRFP in Trinidad and Tobago has started with three campaigns

Restore Loppinot Estate – reestablishing Loppinot estate as an important point of memory for the descendants of the enslaved and all the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Rename Milner Hall – Changing the name of the oldest hall of Residence at the University of the West Indies to the Henry Sylvester Williams Hall

Columbus must fall. The removal of Christopher Columbus Statues in Port of Spain (1881) and Moruga (2010) to museums where they can be properly contextualized.

Research is currently ongoing on:

The Churchill Roosevelt highway

The La Venezuela Statue on the Old Road in Santa Cruz,

Governor Picton who has a street named after him in the capital

Governor Woodford who has a square named after him in the heart of the city and a marble statue somewhere in town and;

Lady Young who has a road named after her.


Our work is premised on the idea that Historical markers must fulfill certain requirements.

  1. Reflect the truth
  2. Represent common values and principles that uplift the society and
  3. In the case when a marker commemorates a tragedy or historic wrong it should a. explain context as accurately as possible and b. deplore the negative actions and values of the past that it highlights.

No Slave Owner Is A Hero… Take Them All Down

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