Cleo Alberta Lake

Cleo Alberta Lake


Artist, activist and Councillor, Cleo Lake is a native Bristolian of Afro Jamaican and Scottish roots

who wears her heart in her work and is driven by truth and justice. Early activism started in childhood and extended later to involvement with campaigns such as Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt.

In May 2016 Cleo became the first person of African Caribbean descent to be elected as a city Councillor for the Green Party. “I want to be part of steering Bristol towards a more positive, inclusive and environmentally conscious future, whilst at the same time addressing the lack of diversity that I see within the current make-up of the council and other institutions. I am committed to the Green agenda which for me includes social justice and the belief that we are caretakers of our environment.”

Cleo is a founding member of Countering Colston campaign to decolonise Bristol and is an

ex Colston’s Girls School student. Within her role on the campaign team of Countering Colston, she has successfully raised the concerns within her party and the Council at large challenging Cabinet and speaking out about the continued glorification of Edward Colston. She is also a writer, filmmaker and actress and has led and produced collaborative projects in Bristol and Ghana. She assists with the artists bloc on the annual reparations march from Windrush Square Brixton to Westminster on August 1st.

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